*UPDATE 28/8/20*
Things are slowly becoming more ‘normal’ – I have sent to various locations recently with little or no issues.
As such, I hope that the regular lead time of up to 28 days can now apply once more.
If there are known issues with delivering to your location, I will notify you shortly after the time of order.
Thanks as ever for your patience and support.

*UPDATE 24/4/20*
I am now able to source materials again, with just some slight delays over ‘normal’ here and there.
As such, the main issue now is sending, primarily to outside of the UK. This is simply because of a lack of options and the ones that remain being prohibitively expensive. I imagine this is mainly due to so few flights etc., even for cargo and would hope that this may begin to ease in the coming weeks/months.
Orders to UK addresses are less of an issue at this time.

You are still welcome to place orders, but delivery will be ‘TBD’ – i.e. as soon as I possibly can.
Thanks again for your patience and understanding, your support means a great deal.

*UPDATE 26/3/20*
Sadly it’s become impossible for me to acquire the materials I need to fulfil orders at this stage, not to mention postage options are extremely limited. Of course, this is not just me, this is affecting everyone worldwide.
As such, I can still take purchases and orders through the website, but it will be on the proviso that they are fulfilled at the nearest opportunity and unfortunately, no one knows when that will be.
If you are happy to order and more importantly, happy to wait, then feel free to do so and THANK YOU, your sales really do make a huge difference right now. Needless to say I will be updating as and when things change.

Original post:
Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.
As a sole trader in a high value / low turnover business, it’s imperative that I keep cash flow going during these very strange times, so I’m offering probably the largest discount I ever will – 40% off of everything.
That’s the original pieces I currently have and any orders for embellished prints.

After discussions with suppliers, it’s unclear whether we will be able to offer the regular delivery times (Allow 28 days delivery, though usually MUCH quicker) with the situation changing daily. However, at the moment (20/3/20) I should still be able to book delivery collections etc with no social interaction. In the worst case scenario that I am no longer able to do so, please rest assured that anything ordered will be sent out as soon as is humanly possible. I will keep every order up to date personally.

I do of course understand that may deter some, but think of it this way – It’s something great to look forward to on the other side of all this.

Although I will no longer be in the gallery, I will still be answering calls on my mobile number, sending emails, working on projects and updating social media, so please feel free to get in touch to clarify anything. I’m still here! Even if I’m not 😉

May I take this opportunity to wish you all well and thank you once again for all your interest in my work, it is hugely appreciated. Now, more than ever in the last 14 years.

Take care

Ben Askem