And just like that, 15 years passed by…It’s hard to believe, but today marks fifteen years since the gallery door was first opened.

April 1st 2006 I was 28 years old, taking a risk on doing the job I wanted to, full time. Thankfully, it paid off and it’s been a hell of journey ever since. It seems odd to be celebrating anything at all this year for obvious reasons, but just the fact I’m still here, able to do what I do and still finding people appreciative of it is reason enough for me.
From April 12th, the door will swing open once more and I look forward to seeing you all again. I’d like to mark this occasion more significantly when the wheels of normality have turned a bit, but until then, have a look at a few shots of the gallery from what it was, opening as Original Canvases, through to becoming Ben Askem – Unique Works of Art.

There’s also 25% OFF EVERYTHING on the website, so get on over there too. I’ll be adding a couple more pieces in the coming days.

For now, thanks as always for all your support, I wouldn’t be here without all the liking, commenting, sharing, and purchasing of course!

Oh and if you have one of my works, post up a pic in the comments. I like a trip down memory lane!

See you soon.