LEJOG Day 10 Laggan – Brora
98.1 miles. 16.1mph average. 37.1 max.

Tough, tough day. 
Let’s start with the good. The weather was amazing, clear skies, beaming sunshine again
later in the day.
Ride alongside Loch Ness. Tick!

The bad. Near as dammit 100 miles, killer climb known as Heartbreak Hill,
where I’m pretty sure my heart left my ribcage and had to be pushed back down,
and the most evil headwind for the last 15 miles of the day.

It’s always hard to condense these days down into a few paragraphs as we see so much in the course of
one day, but suffice to say there was a hell of a lot of pedalling and in my case a lot of vocal discussion
with the headwind.
Anyway, that’s our longest and hopefully toughest day behind us, though tomorrow’s 65 mile ride
promises to be tougher than it sounds due to more of the headwind. We’ll see, whatever the bitch
throws at me to try to get me to quit won’t be enough so it doesn’t matter.

Staying in some very nice apartments in Brora, but frankly these days anything with a shower
and a bed is fine by me…

A few pics as usual…

Leaving the hostel this morning.

Loch Ness!

Last water stop was in the grounds of the Glenmorangie Distillery.
Didn’t have time for the tour, but had a sneak peek.

Making our swish apartments look somewhat less so.

View from the back of the apartment.

Loch Ness panorama

Madness, mapped.