LEJOG Day 6 Preston – Carlisle
90 miles. 15.7mph average. 39.2mph max.

Annnnnd you’re back in the room. 
Well, what a difference a day makes. Had a little word with myself,
went to bed with the right tunes, got up today as my old self ready to go to work.

After the slog of yesterday, today was heaven.
Absolutely stunning countryside, so good that the 9 mile long ascent almost went unnoticed! 😉

A slight ‘discrepancy’ between the route notes and the supplied garmin files meant we missed the first water stop at 32 miles….
So we just had to stop in Kendal for a quick shopping trip for essentials and a coffee and slab of cake.
And I mean a slab. Still, we needed it for the climb ahead. (Shap Fell)

What a climb. As the valley drops away beside you and it’s just you, the bike and the hill. Amazing.

Thanks for all your messages of support, particularly yesterday. I wasn’t moaning about it being hard by the way,
frankly there’s a lot of bitterness and anger I plan to leave all over the road out there,
I just wasn’t feeling it that’s all. Back in the game now though. 😉

What really made today is my wingman/ultimate badass Robin was on top form.
Wearing what can only be described as the shoes of Pegusus, he was a changed man. Great to see!

Pics! :

‘Devil horns’ in the bathroom telling me to sort it out, get out there and rock on. OK then.

Suitable attire

Coffee and Snickers cake! The only time in my life when a slab of cake has been so big,
I couldn’t finish it. 😮


Robin, feeling much better!

At the top of Shap Fell

It was the nearest I was going to find….And and art studio – what are the chances.

Towns getting ready for the Tour coming through after us.

Oddest bike park ever. An unused swimming pool.

Madness, mapped.