LEJOG Day 4 Chepstow – Shrewsbury
94.1 miles, 14.1mph ave. 43.61mph max. 6,100ft climbed.

HOW Hard?! I’m aware that I’m developing a bit of a theme, but today was seriously tough. 94 miles of climbing basically.
I think we all had to dig deep and summon something from somewhere, at times it really wasn’t fun.
Uphill, headwind and rough road surface means lots of effort to go not very far.
Still, we pulled through….. We have about the same distance to cover tomorrow, but they tell us it’s flatter.
It better be, or they will be.

Until tomorrow, good folks.


Tintern Abbey – When the day was still young and we had smiles on our faces.

Wye Valley

Lunch! This is a fair indication of what I’d have most days.
The Discover Adventure team were great at making sure there was a varied mix of food for all tastes.

You can start to see how my opinion of what I considered interesting/photo worthy was changing!

Madness, mapped.