LEJOG Day 5. Shrewsbury – Preston
86.69 miles. 14.5mph average. 29.8mph max.

Not a lot to say about today I’m afraid, I totally wasn’t feeling it from the start,
had no desire to ride the route (mainly the A49 for 65 miles alongside trucks) and
just got my head down to do the job.

Still, it’s not a holiday, it’s a challenge. Make no mistake, I know I’m posting up pics of
smiles and abbeys etc, but we are all in quite a bit of pain all day and all night.
It’s an effort just to dress.

Anyway. Today. A bridge stopped us. That’s about it.

Pics as usual:

Jelly babies. The highlight of the day.

Russ and the red carpet…which was swiftly rolled up in front of him!
We were reliably informed that Sir Bradley Wiggins was staying here the night after us.
So we’re keeping the right company then!

Madness, mapped.