LEJOG Day 8 Kilmarnock – Inverary

83.6 miles. 16mph average. 38.1mph max.

Dunno why I bother with the stats really, they don’t really matter to me or you I doubt!! 
It’s all about the pics right. Well there’s a few.
Misty start again today, first water stop at 27 miles in Largs, sun beaming down by then,
we really have been so lucky with the weather.
Stopped in Nardini’s Italian bakery and ice cream parlour…. Need I say more?
Warm apple and cinnamon pancakes were epic.
Anyway onwards to the next stop which was actually for a ferry.
4 mile ride over the water and onwards to lunch, in the middle of nowhere. And yet there was still a
little nursery/school there, made me miss little man a bit 🙁
After lunch, a long winding, stunning road around Loch Eck, then lots more of the same to Inverary.
What a beautiful little place, I’m starting to run out of superlatives on this trip….


Nardini’s Ice Cream Parlour.

Waiting to board the ferry.

One of the guys wearing something more comfortable today…

Schoolhouse/outdoor learning centre in the middle of nowhere.

The afternoon water stop.


You’ve done well, steeds.


Inverary castle

A few of the local ‘muscle relaxants’ before bed…

Home for the night.
The Loch Fyne Hotel.

Madness, mapped.