LEJOG Day 7 Carlisle – Kilmarnock
94.8 miles. 17.1mph average. 40.3mph max. 3,300ft ish climbed.

Wasn’t overly enthused about today as we had been told it was a get your head down and
do the job day. So in actual fact it was a pleasant surprise!

Downside was it was one main road all the way with large trucks etc,
and first thing in the morning visibility was about 100 metres if that, pretty scary.
However, when the traffic died down a little bit it was really moody, kept looking for Skyfall….
Found my groove in the middle section of the day just before lunch with some great
sweeping roads winding through the rocks and trees, with the river down below to the left.

Had a great lunch by a farm in 19 degree sun, changed my front inner tube to be safe as I’ve been
riding on a repair for a few weeks now….. Lesson here, if it ain’t broke (and even if it is) don’t fix it –
couple of miles down the road and pop. Faulty valve. So back in with the old tube for now.
Pushed on through the valley for another 10 miles, only to get to the top of a climb and found that one
of our squad had lost their GoPro…. I’ll let them break the news. Gutted for them. 

Saving grace was the last stop was at a farm shop which is known for it’s epic ice cream.
One Chocolate and Peanut butter cone later and all was well.
Basically we’re eating our way up the country…

So there we go, felt good today and really looking forward to the next few days up through Scotland.

At the border

Always carry an authentic Scot with you, in case of emergencies…

Check out the distances on the sign.

The sun was beaming right onto this church and memorial, beautiful.

Nibbles before lunch. Don’t mind if I do.

This is what 95 miles does to you…

Madness, mapped.